Elemental Clash

Platforms : iOS & Android

Downloads : Google Play App Store

Role : Lead Programmer; responsible for : Artificial Intelligence, Engine Design, and Gameplay Logic.

Published by : Self-published (under the name Org.Com) on Android and by Monzee on iOS

Description :

Elemental Clash is an easy-to-pick-up, yet very strategic and fast-to-play fantasy card Game for 2 Players.You can build decks and play games with a pool of over 90+ exciting cards. Elemental Clash is a CCG as in Customizable Card Game, as opposed to Collectible Card Games, which means that there are no random booster packs, no hyper-rare and hyper-expensive cards. You buy one game, you get all the cards you need through future updates for free!

Battle with other players to test your own skill. Nothing beats the smell of a victory!

Beautiful and realistic artworks within every inch of our game. Not to mention the euphonious musics!

The journey to the top spot is sure an arduous one. But it’s certainly worth it.

Achieve more than anyone else with 50+ Achievements! Rewards including special cards and beautiful illustrations.