Burglar’s Redemption

Platforms : PS Move, Phidgets, and Makey makey

Physical Props :

  • Lock puzzle with rotation sensor and makey makey.
  • Jail bar with rotation sensor
  • Butt sensor with makey makey
  • Playstation Move

Role : Programmer and props maker

Timeframe : 2 weeks

Description :

A burglar was about to get the legendary diamond! Unfortunately the alarm went off and he was caught into prison. With his wisdom and bravery, he outwitted the guards and successfully escaped! This world tells a burglar’s adventure using PS Move, Phigets, and Makey-Makey based props.

Gameplays :
– Lock puzzle with props made from rotational sensor and makey makey
– Filing the jail bar. Jail bar with props made from rotational sensor and butt sensor made from makey makey
– Avoid guards patrolling the prison using PS Move.